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YEL 2017

Dear YEL clubs,
after a year and half of activities it is time to try your new or empowered skills and lead your YEL clubs. You have now theactivity in your hands.
The main tasks for now are:
  • prepare for the ZAMUN conference in the end of March
  • as a part of the preparation to organise a simulation of a committee in your school
  • be active members of society and manage your clubs in cooperation with the other YEL clubs



Basic roles:
  • CLUB PRESIDENTS – work together as a team with other presidents to cooperate and help each other. You can chose the shared topics and activities you want to do and lead your clubs
  • CLUBS – take an active role in society, work together to achieve your goals and tasks
  • IT managers – with your teams create outcomes of your activities that could inspire and motivate others and publish them. Reports, pics and videos are more than welcome. If you have information to publish I can assist you
  • TEACHERS are always there to support, advice and help
I will gladly help and assist whenever needed (imrich.milo@gmail.com)