Gymnázium bilingválne Žilina
Gymnázium bilingválne Žilina

Gymnázium bilingválne – the bilingual grammar school in Žilina, Slovakia, offers education in the Slovak-French and Slovak-Spanish sections for 14 – 19 year-old students after passing a talent entrance exam. Demanding studies need a lot of motivation and effort from the students who require special preparation from the teachers (foreign lectors as well). The studies last 5 years and after the first year of the intensive language course the students´proficiency level in the French/Spanish language is sufficient for continuing the bilingual instruction in natural science subjects. The school follows the state curriculum for „gymnasium“ – a general secondary grammar school in accordance with the bilateral intergovernmental agreements with the school founders/partners – WBI in Belgium and Ministry of Education of the Spanish Kingdom in Madrid. The graduates reach C1 level of the CEF in French or Spanish and B2/B1 in English and are ready to study at the universities in Slovakia and abroad. The students are successful in competitions, in outside measures of maturita exams, as well as in rankings of universities. They are flexible, autonomous, broadminded and they also excel in presentation and communication skills.
At present the total number of students is 412 and the number of teachers 39 (6 Spanish, 2 Belgian and 2 French lectors included in that number).
In the school year 2014/15 we are running an Erasmus+ KA1 mobility project for the professional development of 4 teachers doing job-shadowing and 2 teachers attending an intensive English course to be able to work on international projects in the future. In that project we are not only a sending school but we also host teachers from abroad. Last October we hosted 3 Spanish teachers observing mainly our French section and teaching methods used in the Spanish section, and we will welcome a Finnish maths teacher in April 2015. This project has been presented as a good practice example at the instructional workshop organised by the national agency to the future applicants of KA1 projects.

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