Lycée Michel-Rodange Luxembourg
Lycée Michel-Rodange Luxembourg

The Lycée Michel-Rodange is situated in the centre of Luxembourg City and has a high number of students with migrational background. Many students are bi-, tri- or even multilingual, with all advantages but also difficulties coming along. Our future school programme is concerned with those demands and wants to tackle nowaday’s social as well as academic demands our students are facing.
In this sense, the school’s aim is to foster basic skills as well as to actively encourage our students in the field of leadership. The students, for example, help organize and participate in the workshops for the yearly venture “Fuussewoch” and the open days. They are offered to take part in competitions like for instance reading and maths competitions. The LMRL students’ committee takes an active role in school life, and older students officially offer tuition on school grounds in different subjects to younger students with difficulties. Last but not least, the students can take part in the various Comenius/Erasmus+ activities like individual pupil mobilities, international students conferences and masterclasses in special fields like sciences, technology or maths.
Adding to those efforts, as a near future project, they want to establish a debating culture at school by training the staff how to integrate debating in their classrooms, by offering optional debating courses for our years 11-13, and third, by cooperating with the European and Indian partner schools and their experiences in this field. They want to learn more about different study approaches from other countries, so that students as well as the staff can benefit from it. In this context they are planning long term study mobilities for invidual students to our partnerschools with the same profile.
The LMRL tries to raise the academic level of our students not only by offering them high quality input of knowledge, but to touch the inner motivation of the individual. In this context, for many years, the LMRL has been particularly active in both French and English drama and musical projects with regular public performances. For the past three years we have successfully offered specialised classes for students with a particular gift and interest in music.
Another, innovative, approach to help academic results flourish is our school’s commitment to Physical Education. For the past two years we have successfully offered specialised classes for students that are particularly dedicated to sports. Being convinced of the potential of various modern sports programmes, in the near future, we are going to develop and expand sports activities in various forms. By doing so, we intend to guarantee and enhance our students’ physical and emotional well-being and motivation, and, as a consequence, the intellectual level of skills.

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