Schildtin lukio
Schildtin lukio

Schildt Upper Secondary School belongs to Jyväskylä Educational Consortium (AO).
The school has 1178 students aged 16-19 years and employs approximately 70 teachers. They specialize in Sports, Natural Sciences, Mathematics and Music. We can offer a student the possibility to combine high school studies with high-level sports. Individual learning paths make it possible for a musically talented student to concentrate on his practicing also during the school year. For a students interested in Natural Sciences and Mathematics we can offer a wide range of studies to prepare him for demanding university studies. Despite the special areas the students choose, they all follow the same common general upper secondary school’s national curriculum. Besides the individual subjects the curriculum outlines cross-curricular themes: they are active citizenship and entrepreneurship, safety and well-being, sustainable development, cultural identity and knowledge of cultures, technology and society, communication and media competence. These themes are included to all the teaching but can be highlighted especially in projects.


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