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December 2016 - New Year Wishes

December is a special month, so we have a special activity – NEW YEAR WISHES.

The activity is simple:

  • think what you wish for EU or the whole world for 2017
  • record a shots video (max. 30 seconds) on your mobile or camera
  • your wish should have an argument structure – this means 1.What you wish, 2. Why do you wish this
  • upload the video on YOUTUBE with the title: YELWISHES2017 and your name or title (for example “YELWISHES2017 Imrich Slovakia”)
  • you can do it alone, or you can ask your teachers, schoolmates, representatives, relatives, whoever you want 🙂
  • if you have problem to upload it send the video in this link:
  • DEADLINE – 28 December 🙂
  • if you wish do whatever other activity with your club (charity, Christmas meeting, …)